From stakeholder research and data analysis to public engagement, mapping, and report writing, our multidisciplinary team has it covered.



Consolidated Plans


Let Mosaic's team expertly handle all your community's planning needs related to HUD entitlement funding. Our Consolidated Plans, Annual Action Plans, and CAPERs supplement HUD-provided data with more recent, accurate, and local sources to ensure your programs are truly meeting your community's most acute housing and community development needs. With CDBG allocations declining, we know leveraging strategies are important and can develop plans that build on momentum and investment already present in your community.


Housing/Retail Market Analysis

Interested in an analysis that can guide economic growth in your community through retail or housing development? Mosaic's market analyses help you pinpoint those sectors of your community's economy that are poised for growth and make recommendations for programs, services, and incentives that can attract the investment and development needed to make it all happen. 

Fair Housing Analyses


Whether you have an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice due before the new AFFH regulation becomes effective or you're seeking an Assessment of Fair Housing, Mosaic's team is ready with robust public engagement strategies, innovative data models, and tools for identifying geographic centers of opportunity in your community. Pamphlets and proclamations about fair housing are no longer enough. We will work with you to identify a realistic, actionable strategy that furthers fair housing in your community.


Community Needs Assessments

How should public investment in your community be prioritized? Mosaic's community needs assessments draw on the perspectives of stakeholders and residents as well as demographic data and information on the location and quality of key community assets to determine where gaps exist in the provision of services or facilities. Our assessments provide client communities with a plan for prioritizing future capital investments based on local needs.

Comprehensive Plans


Long range comprehensive planning is crucial to a community's orderly growth and success. At Mosaic, our team is focused on capturing your community's vision, piece by piece, and organizing it into a long range plan for the future. Through guiding principles, visioning, refinement, and feedback cycles, our plan-making is a transparent and accountable process. We can provide issue-based or element-based plans and know the value of including a work program that is realistic and achievable. 


Community Surveys

Communities need input or feedback from their citizens in a variety of circumstances. Whether seeking a consensus on the location of a future park, opinions on services to be offered at a community center, or surveying general impressions of the public on municipal service delivery, Mosaic can design a scientifically useful survey and actively manage survey participation to ensure a representative sample is achieved. Our graphical and insightful interpretation of survey results gives decision-makers the information they need to make critical decisions.